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Porsche sales increase by 38.7 percent for Nov 2012


Almost all luxury car brands have been doing well this year from the period of Jan-Nov 2012. Though there were few hitches that got the better of these brands most of them did well to register high sales for the above mentioned period. Porsche AG did well to register sales of 128,978 for the period of January to November 2012.

These figures showcase that Porsche AG has outdone itself considering that last year it sold 118,868 units. The brand sold 12, 928 vehicles in Nov 2012, which is a 38.7% increase in sales as compared to last year. Porsche Boxster and Porsche 911 Carrera models too are doing well in markets with sales of 1,200 and 2,019 units respectively.

Porsche did well in the USA and Chinese markets with sales of over 3865 and 2919 vehicles respectively. These figures represented an increase of 71.4 percent and 63.4 percent respectively in USA and China. Markets in the Americas did well with increases of 67.5 percent while Asia-Pacific markets showcased an increase of 50.1 percent.


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