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Precision Camshafts and EMAG Germany announce strategic alliance

Precision EMAG camshafts

Precision Camshafts Limited (PCL) has announced a strategic alliance with EMAG Germany to better leverage ‘Assembled Camshaft’ tech which uses ‘Force Free Heat Shrink’, an EMAG patent. The resulting improved cost effect process developed through the alliance is a first for an Indian component manufacturer.

Precision EMAG camshaftsPCL will have exclusive rights to this new tech. The alliance aims to further strengthen market leadership for both PCL and EMAG and pave teh way for next gen camshaft development. At presnt, OEM’s in Europe, China and other developed countries use assembled camshafts. Being lighter and having increased material strength helps them improve fuel efficiency and reduce emission as compared to conventional camshafts.

Over time, PCL has attained global success with over a million ‘Chilled Cast Iron’ camshafts manufactured each month. PCL also offers ‘Ductile Iron Induction Hardened’ camshafts. Adding Assembled Camshafts to its portfolio makes PCL a one-stop-solution for mid-size passenger cars. This includes a preferred supplier status to Porsche, Ford, BMW, GM, Fiat, and Hyundai globally. Business in India extends to Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, and Mahindra.

Yatin Shah, Chairman and Managing Director, Precision Camshafts Limited emphasises that PCL is an industry leader supplying quality world-class camshafts to top Indian and global automotive industry names. Acquisition of EMAG Germany’s Assembled Camshaft tech enables PCL to evolve as a complete solution provider.

Andreas Mootz, Managing Director, EMAG Automation, Germany spoke highly of the association and its mutual benefits. PCL’s tech prowess and manufacturing process best practices combined with EMAG’s products and tech will help meet new automotive industry demands.

PCL has 2 manufacturing facilities in China, in Ningbo and Hozhou and is headquartered in Solapur, Maharashtra. 1,200 employees are responsible for total capacity of 13 million shafts per annum.


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