Mumbai bound bus collides with truck at high speed – Video

A bus carrying 41 passengers has collided with a truck, which has resulted in the death of truck driver.

In a horrific accident caught on camera, a bus travelling at high speed collided head-on with a truck. This has resulted in the death of the truck driver, while two passengers from the bus are critically injured. There are a total of 9 passengers of the bus who are injured. Luckily, the bus driver has survived this accident.

The bus was travelling at over 100 kmph when the accident took place. The bus driver was about to cross without slowing down. Truck driver, travelling from opposite direction, decided to make a turn at that crossroad. He too did not apply brake, and was seemingly faster than he should have been. This gave bus driver no time to react and the accident took place.

The accident took place at Zaheerabad highway, Algole cross road. The bus was heading to Mumbai. Below is the camera footage.

From the video it is clear that the accident could have been avoided if either of the drivers had slowed down. Slowing down at a cross road is a good practice. But sadly, none of the drivers here slowed down. Yes, the bus driver had the right of way, but he too could have slowed down and avoided the accident. God only knows what the truck driver was thinking. He probably wanted to race to the other side before the bus arrived. But seems he got his judgement wrong, and applied brakes at the last minute.

Time and again, it has been seen that many bus / truck drivers give no regard to traffic rules. Just a few months back, a shocking video had surfaced online. Two bus drivers in Tamil Nadu were seen competing against each other in a test of speed. One of the buses even ventured off onto the wrong side of the road in this test of speed, sending clouds of dust into the air almost blinding fellow commuters. The video has gone viral online and uploaded by a person on Facebook which brings to the fore the reckless manner in which these buses were driven.

The two private bus companies, Ayyappa Bus Service and Sree Velavan Transport and respectively their two drivers V Nagaraj and Chakaravarthy Palani have been identified. Angry citizens now demand action against bus drivers and two private transport companies.

Superintendent of Police, Coimbatore has taken note of the incident. The two drivers have been summoned to the police station, their licenses suspended by local RTO and buses have been detailed even as owners of the two companies have been notified and summoned.

There have been many such reports of rash and negligent driving along Pollachi-Coimbatore road and also on Udumalpet road. Since reports of this incident, police have launched intensive checks along these routes and will be detaining any vehicles who indulge in rash driving. These roads are in the process of being widened and debris lie on either sides of the road thereby making the road narrower. Watch the video below.

Despite this, private buses are often seen speeding across this stretch of highway. Experts state that tight schedule to reach the destination, to draw more customers waiting ahead, is the main cause for bus driver to speed along this 44 km of highway. Initiatives are being looked into to increase timings so that there is no need for these private buses to drive in an unsafe manner.