Road Transport and Safety Bill 2015 proposals

Road Transport and Safety Bill 2015 proposes a National Road Transport and Multimodal Co-ordination Authority and State Transport Authority. Both entity’s will work to realise integrated, safe and sustainable transport systems under Sections 109 to 145 of Chapter-VI.

Public transport system India
File photo: Minister of road transport and highways, Nitin Gadkari

Section 139 outlines State Transport Authority objectives are as follows. Collaboration with National Transport Authority, state transport bodies and public entities, agencies and traffic police for an integrated public transport system to meet the needs of all transport system users.

For a multi-modal integrated transport system, share of public transport trips within a state is to be increased, and use of public transport actively promoted. Public transport system needs to align with minimised adverse environmental impacts. The system by itself needs to provide livelihood opportunities and look into CSR.

Focus is on providing a public transport system that is efficient and reliable, while also supporting movement of livestock and freight. Efficiency of public transport for users is to be boosted through an approach where various bodies interact to streamline efforts for such an outcome.

Security for women in public road transport programme works to ensure safety of women and girl child in public transport by monitoring location to provide immediate assistance in quick response time in answering a distress call. Listed under the Nirbhaya Fund, plans are to establish an unified system across levels for GPS tracking, emergency buttons, and video recording of incidents in public transport vehicles in 32 cities.