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Pune Police will come to your home and collect traffic fines – If you don’t pay on time

Pune may be ranked as the ‘most livable’ among 111 cities in India, but Pune’s traffic situation is among the worst in the country. The traffic department is doing everything in its power to streamline the traffic situation, but it appears to be bogged down by road users who blatantly break every traffic regulation in the book.

Installation of CCTVs and hefty fines imposed on offenders has done little to change around the traffic situation for the better. The Pune Traffic Police have clamped down heavily on those breaking traffic regulations in Pune.

Pune police is on a major drive against traffic rules defaulters.

Besides publishing the names of these offenders on social media, the traffic cops are imposing hefty fines on offenders and now have even started visiting the homes of these traffic offenders with POS machines so as to collect outstanding traffic fines on the spot.

Recently the traffic police released a list of offenders under the CCTV categories and manual e-challan. Under the CCTV camera category, the highest number of traffic violations has been registered against a person with 32 cases while under the e-challan list, this stood at 20 cases being filed against an offender.

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This sort of pinpointing the offenders is incomplete unless the fines are paid. Offenders often dilly dally over payment of these fines and hence instead of waiting for them to come forward and pay the fines the Traffic Police have started visiting their homes with POS machines to collect fines immediately.

If the person has already paid the fine, he/she will have to produce a receipt for the same or else the fine will be collected at the offender’s doorstep. This kind of stringent action has been initiated by Tejaswi Satpute, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) and she hopes this will bring some semblance of law and order on city roads in the future.

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