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None of those who died in two-wheeler accidents in Pune wore a helmet


Riding a two-wheeler on Pune’s roads is in itself a challenge. The city which is known as the two-wheeler capital of the country, has also seen rise in number of deaths due to two-wheeler accidents.

A local activist says that the situation is such that two-wheeler riders in the city have to contend with death every time they kick start their bikes. Time and again the authorities have pushed for compulsory wearing of helmets but riders throw caution to the wind and dare to break the law putting their very lives on the line.

Pune traffic police sings to Kolavari Di tune for inducing road safety (Video)

Surveys conducted on the number of road accidents involving two-wheelers has revealed that during January and September 2016, 132 persons died. In all these accidents, the rider and pillion rider were not wearing a helmet. 80 of these 132 accidents involved persons in the age group of 18-36. The survey estimated that in 2015, 175 persons were killed in two wheeler accidents.

Pune Traffic Police has done everything in its power to implement Helmet rule in the city. The law was implemented, helmet-less riders brought to book and fines were raised from INR 100 to INR 500 but it is the negligent two-wheeler rider who blatantly ignores these regulations.

It is easy to blame the Traffic Police for going slow in taking action against the riders without helmets even as measures are being taken to step up implementation, but it is equally the rider’s responsibility to use a helmet which could play a major role in saving his own life.

via Indian Express