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Pure EV Electric Scooter Recall Issued – After Fire Incidents

Following third fire, Pure EV announces recall of 2,000 units of ETrance+ and EPluto 7G electric scooters from concerned batches

Pure EV Electric Scooter Recall
Pure EV Electric Scooter Recall

A recent spate of electric vehicle fires has been noticed by one and all. If there weren’t already a million queries that were in the process of being answered and understood, a possible fire hazard is worrying. As a proactive measure, a few days earlier, Okinawa announced a voluntary electric scooter recall.

Now Pure EV has done the same. This comes close on the heels of fire incidents reported from Madras and Nizamabad. As a precaution, Pure EV has recalled 2,000 units of its ETrance+ and EPluto 7G scooters from concerned batches.

As part of the recall, the concerned vehicles will be thoroughly checked. This includes battery checks. Each battery is to be inspected for any imbalance issues. They shall be calibrated through the Batrics Faraday device. In addition, Battery Management System (BMS), and charger calibration will be undertaken as required.

Expert panel to probe

To start with, Pure EV is reaching out to customers through its dealer network. This is being encouraged through an expeditious campaign for vehicle health checkup. The company stated it ‘takes safety of its customers and vehicles very seriously’. Concurrently, service camps are ongoing in customer interest. Necessary info too is disseminated in relation to best practices regarding battery and vehicle safety.

Pure EV recall issued
Pure EV recall issued

Currently, reasons attributed to such fires are scarce. In the meantime, the government has initiated an expert panel. And results are awaited from a thorough enquiry into such incidents. Once a report is received, the central government will proceed to issue necessary orders on defaulting parties.

Electric scooter sales

The move comes at a crucial time. The electric two-wheeler industry is only just teething. Setting strict guidelines at the early stages will help formulated policies for the betterment of the industry in quicktime. This is imperative considering governance is keen on a transition to electric vehicles. A select few states also offer additional subsidies to what is dictated by FAME II policies. Globally too, a move to electric vehicles contributing to a good part of total sales are expected.

Policy changes are specific to individual nations attempting to reach net-zero emission goals. At the turn of the ongoing decade, India’s targeted EV penetration is set at 30 percent of all new vehicles registered. Currently, electric passenger car vehicle penetration is lower than small cargo vehicles and electric two-wheelers. Public transport bus fleets are getting necessary investment from government bodies.

Govt to setup Expert Committee
Govt to setup Expert Committee

The large number of competitive e-platform corporate vying for increased business ensures they are quick to adapt to electric SCVs as part of their global net-zero goals. But currently, the true revolution is being brought about by an increasing number of electric two-wheeler manufacturers that have already launched a wide range of low and high speed scooters. All the while sales are increasing.

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