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Pure EV Electric Scooters Arrive In Delhi – First Showroom Now Open

Pure EV Electric Scooter
Pure EV Electric Scooter. File photo.

Pure EV launches EPluto and Etrance high speed and low speed variants in Delhi at its flagship Ebox Motors store

Pure EV now brings its electric two wheeler mobility solutions East Delhi. The flagship store, Ebox Motors is located in Nirman Vihar. It’s the first store in Nation Capital Region (NCR). Plans are in place to open additional stores to cater all parts of the region. This will be backed by full fledged service centres.

Pure EV R&D Centre is located at IIT Hyderabad. The team focuses on using sustainable energy sources. This goal led to its name PURE, which stands for Power Using Renewable Energy.

Pure EV electric two-wheelers

Alongside electric two-wheelers, Pure EV manufactures lithium-ion batteries. An in-house battery manufacturing facility and research set-up is central to the company’s development goals. A dedicated R&D team is focused on core areas of battery thermal management system and power train for long-range and high-performance lithium batteries.

At present, Pure EV has a portfolio of four products. They are two high speed models EPluto 7G and Etrance Neo, and two low speed two-wheelers, EPluto and ETrance+. With the EV industry in India expecting great developments in the years to come, plans are afoot to get there quickly. As far as getting more people to consider an EV, it’s the electric scooter industry that has taken the lead.

Pure EV Electric Scooter Showroom Delhi
Pure EV Electric Scooter Showroom Delhi

Opportunities in development infra, charging network, low and high speed electric two-wheelers, batteries, and more has seen a large number of new players enter the EV manufacturing space. Some are tech companies that have diversified given the opportunities the industry provides.

Ride range of 120 kms

For the most part, the electric two wheeler industry is dominated by high speed and low speed scooters. Considering, a majority of them are designed to meet daily commuter needs in urban areas, such scooters have a maximum speed of 60 km/h. Pure EV scooters have a ride range of upto 120 kms.

Current expansion plans include manufacturing strength. PURE EV plans to expand its manufacturing base to a larger facility. The company expects to commission a new two-lakh sq ft plant by 2022. This will help meet expected EV and lithium battery demand. Expansion plans include increasing manufacturing to annual capacity of two lakh EVs and battery manufacturing capacity of 5 Gwh, up from current capacity of 30,000 EVs and 0.5 GWh.

Raj Srivastava, Asst. General Manager – Sales & Distribution, Pure EV said, “Due to Covid-19 pandemic, thrust on personal mobility has increased significantly and people are looking for electric scooters at affordable prices. Our two wheeler comes with a robust chassis design, body parts built for Indian road conditions and advanced features like regenerative braking, and an LED display which indicates the remaining battery capacity.”

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