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Pure EV Electric Scooters Extended Warranty For Battery, Motor, Controller

Pure EV Electric Scooters
Pure EV Electric Scooters

This extended warranty policy covers key powertrain components that include battery, motor and controller for EPluto and Etrance+ High and Low speed scooters

Hyderabad-based Pure EV has revised its warranty policy which is said to be first of its kind in the EV sector. Extended Warranty Policy is being offered with retrospective benefits for existing customers and encompasses all major powertrain components that include battery, motor and controller. After sales services are also being improved to enhance user experience.

Extended Warranty Policy

Pure EV has two high-speed models EPluto 7G and Etrance Neo and two low-speed models EPluto and ETrance+. For High Speed EPluto 7G and ETrance Neo, existing warranty stood at 3 years on battery and 1 year respectively for  motor and controller. This has now been extended to 5 years on battery, 3 years on the motor and 2 years on controller.

Similarly, for the Low Speed EPluto and Etrance+, the same extended warranty on battery (5 years), motor (3 years) and controller (2 years) is being offered. Data points assessed include on ground product performance of components over a range of 40,000 kms and is devised based on customer and dealer feedback.

The announcement of this extended warranty policy is being done after data analytics and design improvements done on these key components for which the company has worked closely with both their manufacturing and service teams.

Pure EV Electric Scooter Extended Warranty for Battery, Motor and Controller
Pure EV Electric Scooter Extended Warranty for Battery, Motor and Controller

These new extended warranty policies are successful if dealer outlets are sustainable with Pure EV offering their dealers the best margins in the industry coupled with an established service and repair infrastructure with technicians undergoing training at the factory for 120 days.

Another strong initiative undertaken by the company last year was launch of BaTRics Faraday. This is an AI-driven hardware which enables battery service failures resolution at dealers’ levels itself, thus saving man-hours otherwise spent in terms of replacement of series of cells which significantly reduces battery ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT).

First Store in Delhi

Earlier this month, Pure EV opened its first flagship store eBOX Motors in Delhi. This is the company’s first store in the capital. The models offered by Pure EV receive portable lithium ion batteries fitted in a metallic casing with portable chargers. These units can be charged anywhere via a 5 Amp electric socket.

Pure EV electric scooter dealer
Pure EV electric scooter dealer

The e-scooters are presented in colour options of white, red, blue, black, grey and silver and boast of an aerodynamic body structure. Features include a multi reflector headlamp, rounded mirrors and 10 inch alloy wheels fitted with fat tyres. All scooters come in with 4 inch LCD screen.

The vehicles are all developed in-house at IIT Hyderabad Research Park. The company has manufacturing capacity of 60,000 units per annum while plans are afoot to expand its base to a larger facility with annual capacity of 2 lakh units per annum and battery manufacturing capacity of 5 GWh. The new plant is planned to be in operation by 2022 to meet the growing demand for both electric vehicles and lithium batteries while dealership base will also be set up newer cities.

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