QBEAK electric car has promises to keep and 500 miles to go before it sleeps

QBEAK, the electric car with a 500 mile (800 km) range on dedicated electric recharge and assurances of a top speed of 75 mph has even elicited attention from British royalty. Prince Charles and Camilla paid considerable attention to this vehicle when they visited Denmark in May this year. The QBEAK was on display at Vitus Bering Innovation Park, and the Royal couple found great interest in the vehicle and even climbed into the car.

QBEAK concept is based on bio methanol which is used to boost battery life. Its chassis consists of six modules rather than a single fixed battery. The vehicle is still under testing and expected to arrive only in 2013.Electric cars are slowly but surely gaining in importance. Though green and eco friendly, these vehicles have yet to live upto performance levels of petrol powered vehicles while infrastructure needs to be enhanced on parallel lines. Once the QBEAK comes into circulation it would be a forerunner where performance is concerned. With a 500 mile capacity it will even surpass Chevrolet Volt which is capable of just 375 miles on a single recharge.

This would be far more than one of the current leaders in the field, the battery/ gasoline Chevrolet Volt, which can do around 375 miles (600km) on one charge-up. This electric car is the brainchild of three Danish companies who have ensured that the use of bio methanol can bolster battery life. Lightweight at 425 kgs, efficient and with top speed of 75 mph, the QBEAK concept is something every environment friendly enthusiast would be looking forward to in the future. This Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECC) has come into being with the efforts of ECOmove which is a Danish electric car manufacturer, Insero E-Mobility and Serenergy.

Press release: The Danish company ECOmove is now ready with the first prototype of their electrical car.

The Danish company ECOmove has for more than a year worked on creating an electrical car, which can be customized to the wishes and need of the individual driver. The car is also going to set new standards for how far an electric car can run per charge and for how energy efficient an electrical car can be.

The ECOmove car, which was presented at a conference on growth and sustainability in Horsens on September 28, is both innovative and energy efficient, because it right from the beginning is intended to be an electric car and not a remodeled petrol car.

Climate friendly and innovative
“QBEAK, the name of our car, is – wherever possible – built of recyclables. Sustainability and climate considerations have been natural parts of our design process”, says Mogens Løkke, CEO of ECOmove.

The electric car is based on a lightweight technology which, put together with a flexible modular structure, helps to ensure that the car can run up to 300 km on one charge. A recently developed suspension also helps to bring the weight down and to reduce the costs of both operations and maintenance. In that way QBEAK represents an attractive overall value.

”Our goal is to provide the market with a car that gives the individual driver a clear climateconscience, and at the same time is prepared to meet future demands. We have rethought the car as a tool and because of that, we are able to present an electrically powered car which can be adjusted to the desires and needs of a lot of different target groups.”, says Mogens Løkke.

For professionals and private persons
The car is intended for professional customers as well as private persons. But at the moment ECOmove is experiencing the greatest demand from public and private enterprices, and that is obviously where the electric car market will be boosted. For that reason the first electrical cars will be sold on that market, but quickly followed by sales to private persons. The goal is to launch the car globally.

Expansion of ECOmove
ECOmove has recently relocated to the Vitus Bering Innovation Park in Horsens, where all activities now are consolidated under the same roof. ECOmove has also hired three new specialists, who individually will contribute to the further future development of the car. The extension of ECOmove follows in the wake of a recent financial support from the investors; Østjysk Innovation A/S and Energi Horsens. You can find links to the illustrations at the bottom of this press release.


ECOmove’s car is a specially designed electrical car. It is built modularly and can therefore be adjusted to the desires and needs of the market and the customers.
The car is based on lightweight technology and it is therefore very energy efficient.
The car is designed to be very simple. One of the goals has been to keep the number of parts in the car at a minimum.
The materials consist of, for instance: Composite (like wind turbine blades), aluminum and plastic, which allow more opportunities when it comes to design and sustainable recycling of materials.
Safety is an important factor in the development of the electrical car, which is equipped with a sandwich bottom and crash box.
ECOmove’s car is going to bring about significant savings regarding ownership and operational costs.