Quadricycles made road legal, but safety a major concern (Video)

quadricycles crash test euro ncapThe four quadricycles put to test by Euro NCAP are Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV, Renault Twizy 80, Tazzari ZERO and Ligier IXO J LINE 4 Places. Crash speeds stood at 50 kmph as against 64 kmph for cars with each of these models failing to toe the line. The results revealed that only performance of Renault Twizy was better than the rest due to the existence of three point seat belts and driver air bags.

Ligier and Tazzari were found to be lacking when restraint systems in frontal tests were taken into account. In the former, the upper connection of driver seatbelt proved out of structure leaving dummy open to injury. This quadricycle was given a scoring of just 2 points out of 16 in Euro NCAP ratings. Tazzari on the other hand scored a 4, but driver seatbelt broke in the testing leaving driver’s head free to hit steering wheel with such impact that it could prove fatal.

Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV also scored a 2 out of 16 points with the quadricycle virtually collapsing in frontal impact while Twizy scored the best of the four with a rating of 6 out of 16 though still way below expected standards of safety.

bajaj re60 safetyThe point of concern here is that India, which has reported the most road accident deaths in the world, has recently approved the use of quadricycles, though restricting them only for commercial use. Automakers like Bajaj, Mahindra and Piaggio have already shown interest in launching quadricycles, while Bajaj being the frontrunner. Bajaj has already displayed its RE60 quadricycle at the 2014 Auto Expo, which is expected to be launched in the coming months.