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Quadricycles launch in India delayed as it might affect small car business

Quadricycles, as the name suggests, are are four wheelers, cross between auto rickshaw and car which are popular in developed markets as recreational buggies, while in India they are being developed as transport vehicles. These quadricycles are lighter than cars, are not as powerful and neither are they as fast.

They are already developed by Bajaj Auto (RE60), while auto majors such as Mahindra and Mahindra, Piaggio and Eicher are also planning such vehicles in the not too distant future. Used either for passenger or cargo transportation, launch is being delayed as a well defined policy is not yet in place as manufacturers state that makers of low cost cars are delaying the regulation process as it would cause severe competition constraints.

The main criterion of a quadricycle is the fact that it does not need to go through crash tests. Car makers who are in the process of bringing out low cost cars are hell bent to ensure that quadricycles are projected as an utterly unsafe means of transport.

A notable argument is that why are these quadricycle vehicles not being passed when any number of unsafe and hazardous three wheeler auto rickshaw are pouring into streets along with an abundance of precarious two wheelers. A special committee is being formulated to look into these policy matters but it may take its own time to reach any logical or rational conclusion.

Source: ET


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