Quicar share a Volkswagen now has 5000 customers in this unique share a car project

Quicar Share a Volkswagen is a unique scheme which was launched in Hanover. It is in its seventh month in existence and has been drawing customers in a rather big way to this car sharing, fuel and money sharing scheme which has found favor both with students and families to pensioners and retirees. So much so that the scheme has recently welcomed in its 5000th customer while 5000 free minutes were added to the account of Jenny Strahl from Hanover.Under this share a car project, Quicar has set up rental stations with parking spaces at six Edeka supermarkets in Hanover. Seven stations with seven Golf BlueMotion models have also been set up at central halls of residences and canteens across Hanover and there are a total number of 62 Quicar stations.Hanover is a large city with an outstanding public transport system. Short term rentals with environmentally friendly cars are a blessing in disguise, offering commuters an economical way of communications while saving the environment at the same time. Quicar fleet consists of 200 Golf BlueMotion cars with 1.6 liter TDI engines offering fuel consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 kms while CO2 emissions are at only 99 g/km. The tariff system is attractive and transparent. First time registration fee is of €25 payable at Quicar Shops while students pay €15. Minimum rental time is for 30 minutes with a charge of €6 for first 30 minutes. Fuel and insurance are included in the rental. A Fuel card in the glove compartment can be used to fill up the car free of charge.

News release: “Quicar – Share a Volkswagen” has 5,000 members

Number of stations in Hanover increased to 62
Cooperation with Edeka and Studentenwerk
Quicar Plus – considerable demand for up! and Beetle

Seven months after the scheme was launched in Hanover, “Quicar – Share a Volkswagen” welcomed its 5,000th customer. 5,000 free minutes were credited to the account of Jenny Strahl from Hanover. Since the official launch of the car sharing project, the number of stations has grown to 62. The long-term scheme “Quicar Plus” has also got off to a very good start.

Since the scheme was officially launched last November, Quicar can report positive developments. Over the past seven months, 5,000 customers have already registered for Volkswagen’s car sharing project. The average duration of 2.5 hours per rental clearly shows that the Quicar scheme is in line with the everyday needs of customers. Volkswagen’s car sharing project has a very wide target group, ranging from students to families and pensioners.

In addition, Quicar has entered into a number of cooperation arrangements. For example, in cooperation with the Edeka supermarket chain and the Studentenwerk Hannover students’ welfare organization, Quicar offers targeted services including some new stations. The total number of Quicar stations has now grown to 62.

Recently, Quicar established rental stations with one to three parking spaces at six Edeka supermarkets in Hanover. Under the cooperation with the Studentenwerk, seven stations with a total of seven Golf BlueMotion models have been established at central halls of residence and students’ canteens in Hanover.

The long-term scheme “Quicar Plus” has also developed very positively in the first seven months. By mid-May, utilization of the 70 vehicles had grown to the point where the expansion of the fleet is being considered. The up!, Beetle and Transporter are especially popular.

Quicar – Share a Volkswagen and Edeka – the stations at a glance:

E aktiv markt Wucherpfennig – Bemeroder Str. 91

E aktiv markt Wucherpfennig – Silberstr. 12

E aktiv markt Wucherpfennig – An der Weide 27-31

E aktiv markt Wucherpfennig – Anderter Str. 11

E center Wucherpfennig – Göttinger Chaussee 83

E center Einkaufszentrum – Adolf-Emmelmann-Straße, Ecke Sutelstr. 8

Cooperation with Studentenwerk – stations:

Am Papehof (Am Papehof 10)

Bischofsholer Damm/Lindemann Allee (Bischofsholer Damm 85)

Heidjehof (Heidjerhof 1-3)

Jägerstraße/Lodyweg (Lodyweg 1)

Dorotheenstrraße (Dorotheenstraße 5-7)

Menschingstraße (Menschingstraße 8)

Hufelandstraße (Hufelandstraße 16 / 16a)