Radio Taxi Association of India says state taxis absolutely safe and reliable: Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure flouted state rules

While RTAI are aware that the trust and confidence of people using private cabs has been eroded, the association representing Radio Taxi operators such as Mega Cabs, Easy Cabs, Meru Cabs, Gee cabs (Gurgaon), Chanson Cabs, Yo-Cabs, Sky Cab (Hyderabad), RBTS (Chandigarh), Fab Cab (Chandigarh), and Star Cab (Indore) have confirmed that they deliver safe, trustworthy and reliable services to all customers.

meru cabs are safe

Each of these taxi services adopts rules and regulations as issued by State Transport Departments. They verify antecedents of drivers, offer driver training services and all taxis have GPRS tracking facilities. Members of the association expressed concerns over practices adopted by technology companies such as Uber, Ola and TaxiForSure who operate taxi services without licenses from State Transport Authorities and blatantly violate laid down rules and regulations. They cite that this is what has caused crimes and which bring a bad name to the entire industry.

Kunal Lalani, President of Radio Taxi Association drew attention to each radio taxi which is fitted with GPRS system and which is in constant communication with Central Control Unit while on duty while each vehicle displays the photograph of the driver and all licence particulars. The Association appeals to the Government to ensure that all taxi services follow stringent rules and guidelines that will make these services safe and reliable for users.