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Raekken smartSTROM power bank for cars and bikes – Review

Introducing Raekken, a smart kit to fuel up all our daily gadgets, literally all of them! We are all familiar with the power bank for smartphones, this one is for cars.

The Raekken smartSTROM is a carry-along powerhouse kit that comprises of almost all types of cables to charge all the popular electronics that we can’t live without. This includes smartphones, cameras, laptops, other portable electronic gadgets, motorcycles, cars, and even powerboats! When it comes to the automobiles, the Raekken is not exactly used for charging them, but to jump-start them when their battery goes out of health.<>

The protagonist of the kit is the Smart Power Bank at the center of the carry case, which has a 13,600 mA battery pack. Inside the same unit is the smart circuitry that manipulates the stored electricity to supply power to various kinds of devices in their required power specifications. The digital system can be switched to supply electricity in 5V, 12V, 16V and 19V, to charge small electronics like smartphones and Bluetooth speakers, while the other output configurations are required to power up laptops of all the brands. It also has the old and new iPhone cables as well as cable for android phones.

The second hero of the kit is a tyre inflator. It is powered by the Raekken powerhouse and can inflate a tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in about 3 minutes. It is to be noted that both – the<> smartINFLATOR and the power bank have built-in LED flash light, which is a convenient feature when you are stranded with a flat-tyre at night.

The third important utility of this kit is the jump-start, which may not be required often, but when the situation arises you couldn’t be gladder about having this at hand. Jump-start usually requires a long pair of cables and a secondary vehicle to borrow power from, but the Raekken powerhouse has a highly capable power electronics circuit that boosts the Peak Power to 500 Amps!

So, when your car dies and you are without power, you simple pull-out the short jump-cable from the kit, connect it to the Raekken powerhouse and CPR the car back to life in a jiffy. It’s really as simple as it sounds, as we’ve tried it on our car after purposely draining the battery with the headlights ON at a parking lot. And we know how stressful it can be if you didn’t have such a solution at hand when the car battery dies, as we’ve had ample experience of that in the past. Thankfully, we won’t anymore.

Bottom-line is, if such a kit comes along with every car we purchase, life would be a whole lot better! At least in rental cars and cabs for starters.

Contents of the Raekken smartSTROM kit:

• Battery pack
• Tyre inflator
• Jumpstart Cable
• Various plugs/pins to connect to various kinds of laptops
• Car charger to charge the Raekken power bank
• Smartphone Cables including Micro USB, Apple 30-pin (for older devices), Apple 8-pin (for newer devices), etc.

Features in detail:

• 13,600 mA battery pack with toggle-type output of 5V, 12V, 16V and 19V.
• Tyre inflator that pumps 0 – 30 psi in under 3 minutes; with operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C.
• Flash Light with three modes -High Beam, S<>OS and Fast Strobe
• Jump Start any vehicle up to 4,000 cc, over 7 times when Raekken battery is full.
• Charge Laptops / Smartphones over 4 times, and camera / gaming consoles over 3 times.
• Two USB 2.1 ports for the above.



• One pack solution to all the gadgetry needs while on travel.
• The quality, fit and finish of all the kit-components are premium, even the carry case.
• The power bank shows the remaining charge in percentage.
• Not just for the car, we love to carry this kit while travelling abroad/across states for work, minus the jump cables and the tyre inflator, as it saves up time for packing.
• This would be a perfect kit to carry on motorcycle tours/rides especially the cross country ones.
• The cables and connectors have foolproof design / method of plugging in, so that the system is not acciden<>tally short-circuited.


This all in one kit is priced at INR 8,999, inclusive all taxes. At first, you might realize that it is a bit over-priced, but considering the alternative which is making a long list and buying each of the items separately and carrying them around, the Raekken smartSTROM is definitely worth its price. You can purchase the device from here.

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