Rahil Noorani is the new leader in the JK Tyre Volkswagen Polo R Cup

Mumbai lad, Rahil Noorani is the new leader in this year’s JK Tyre Volkswagen Polo R Cup event after he finished first in Race 2 which was held last weekend in Chennai. In the race 1, Pune racer, Mr Oshan Kothadiya emerged as the winner.

The win in Race 2 has given Rahul Noorani a lead of 7 points over second placed driver, Vishnu Prasad. Rahul now has 235 points in this year’s championship standings. The race was very exciting as it was very difficult to figure out who would come out as a winner. The race also saw Chandigarh racer, Mr Angad Singh Matharoo get his first ever podium. He managed to finish second even after starting the race from the 14th position.

Vishnu Prasad who was the leader in this year’s JK Tyre Volkswagen Polo R Cup, had a tough weekend as race stewards awarded him penalties. He is now at the second spot with 228 points.

In race 1, Oshan won his first ever Polo R Cup race as he led from start to finish. The Pune lad overtook pole sitter Munjal Savla around the outside of the first corner to lead and never looked back. He was closely followed by Munjal who finished second. The final position on the podium was claimed by Rahil. Mihir Dharkar and Angad Singh Matharoo got a 20 second penalty for jump start at the start of the race. The penalty cost Mihir a position on the podium due to which Rahil got the final podium position.

Race 2 began with a lot of action in which Oshan ended up losing his car in an accident which was followed by the safety car being called in. Vishnu, Rahil and Sourav Bandyopadhyay quickly capitalised on this situation and took the lead. Despite Vishnu crossing the checkered flag first, Rahil was declared the winner as Vishnu Prasad was given a 30 second penalty as per steward’s decision for violation of the flag and SC procedure. This is Rahil’s second win and fourth podium in this season. Sourav was given a penalty similar to Vishnu and this resulted in Angad Singh Matharoo moving up to second position in his first ever podium finish. The Chandigarh lad had started the race from 14th position and worked his way up through the race. Promising contender for this year’s championship, Avdumber Hede, was subsequently moved to third on podium for race 2.