Rallyist Hayden Paddon owes his life to his car: Will be in India this week for FIA annual awards

Rally driver, Hayden Paddon whose car plunged down a 200 meter cliff is lucky to have suffered only a broken collarbone. The mishap took place this weekend when the rally champion was in his old car at Geraldine Forest. A mechanical fault resulted in Paddon and his passenger to swerve off the road at 140 km/h, gliding through the air and rolling down a cliff to a creek below. The car made several tailspins and rolled down many times upon impact.The accident is being attributed to a broken suspension point.

Safety features built into the car along with strong fuel cell did it’s job, and the car protected both occupants from very grave injuries. While the passenger was uninjured, Paddon suffered a broken collarbone. It was thanks to the sturdiness of the car that both driver and passenger were virtually unhurt.

Here are excerpts f what Hayden Paddon had to say about the plunge. “During one of our runs we had a mechanical malfunction that caused the car to veer straight off the road on a fast right-hand corner at around 140kmh.” “The consequence was a sheer 200m drop to the creek at the bottom which the car rolled down many times.” “It is amazing how well the car stood up and a real testament to the safety regulations of our sport.” “Unfortunately, I suffered a broken collarbone.”

“That can happen in rallying but what impressed me was all the safety features built into the car worked as they should.” “The built-in fuel cell held, as did everything else. It was quite amazing. Hayden will just be strapped up for a couple of weeks as it was a straightforward break.”

Paddon said that though this was a setback, it did not stop him from going to Britain for a test on Sunday. He was at present under treatment and specialists were trying to heal and improve the broken collarbone.  Paddon is confident of his 100% recovery by January for the Monte Carlo opening round. Hayden Paddon is visiting India this weekend to be part of FIA’s annual awards where he will be felicitated with the PWRC trophy.