Range Rover Evoque CBU the chosen import route in India for first launch

Having being spied testing near  the Automobile Research Association of India(ARAI) office situated on Paud Road in Pune, it comes as no surprise that the Range Rover Evoque will soon be a serious contender in the Indian car market. Truth is we’ve seen test cars in better condition around Pune, and they’ve have quick launches. The Range Rover Evoque vehicle that was spied early in September 2011 was battered and bruised at all fronts pointing to exhaustive road testing.

Car manufacturers in India need ARAI certification before a commercial launch, which clearly indicates that the Range Rover Evoque launch is near. What was once an impressive Land Rover LRX Concept is now the next big thing in cars wooing car buyers across borders. The Range Rover Evoque is being imported to India as a completely built unit (CBU) from the JLR factory at Halewood, UK.

As far as production in India is concerned, Tata Motors is assembling the Land Rover Freelander 2 SUV at the former Mercedes Benz facility that was idling. Production of 2000 Land Rover luxury SUV Freelander units a year at its Chikhali plant near Pune is what was decided upon. TATA Motors will assemble completely knocked down units of the luxury SUV, Freelander imported from UK. The end of 2011 has been estimated as an exciting period for JLR in India, and the Range Rover Evoque launch could coincide with this period.

Earlier in the year, foreign car makers were in for a rude shock when during the March 2011 budget period the meaning for completely-knocked down (CKD) kits for India was redefined by the Indian government. Later in May 2011, JLR began Land Rover Freelander 2 SUV assembly operations at their Pune plant. Being imported as a CBU, points to the Range Rover Evoque being priced higher than competition for obvious reasons.