Range Rover Evoque flies off overpass in Sochi, driver walks out unharmed (Video)

Two videos have been been uploaded on YouTube, capturing different angles of the same incident. These were captured on a CCTV camera on an icy and wet street in Sochi, Russia.

Range Rover Evoque crash russia

The first video shows a driver in a white Lada sedan swerving off the edge of the road but managing to gain control of the vehicle in the last few seconds. Moments later, a speeding white Range Rover Evoque arrives at the very same point. This video shows the car taking off the overpass, and disappearing from the screen.

The second video captures shows the same Evoque tumbling down some 20 meters and crashing on to the road. While bystanders rushed forward to help expecting the worst, the driver could be seen opening the door of the SUV and emerging apparently unharmed.

CCTV footage shows the Speeding Range Rover Evoque driver travelling at higher speeds than is advisable on a wet road. There were several eye witnesses on hand to record the aftermath and while the driver survived the 20 meter fall, the three door Range Rover Evoque Pure model looks to be a total write-off.

Range Rover Evoque crash russia

Had this been the case with the Lada sedan, its driver would not have been as lucky as SUVs are better equipped for this type of crash due to the longer suspension travel that absorbs damage. And also a stronger body shell, along with better equipped airbags.