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Rannvijay Singh talks about Mahindra Mojo, Mountain Trail and much more

Rannvijay Singh joined Mahindra Mojo Mountain Trail to one of the highest motorable roads in the world. He is now back to civilization, and chats with us about his experience, riding Mojo and much more. Below is the full interview.

Rushlane – How was the experience riding all the way to Leh with your dad?

Rannvijay I started my journey from Chandigarh with my dad and a friend the ace film maker Nagesh Kuknoor on a Mahindra Mojo. On our first day, the Mojo Tribe rode from Chandigarh to Manali (310 kms). Next day, we drove to the Rohtang Pass. The road till the pass was very good but after that, 27-28 kms were really bad road. But for me, it was fun riding the Mojo because the handling was very well on the rugged roads almost like off-roading.

We stayed the night at Keylang and left for Sarchu the next morning which is at 14,000ft altitude and that’s where the ride was really nice. We stayed there for the night and on the fourth day we drove about 270 kms to Leh.

Rushlane – How is Mojo Trail different from scores of other riding groups who head to Leh every year?

Rannvijay – I have done this journey on a bike before. But the difference was the Mojo Tribe – the whole experience of this ride was amazing. There was a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie among everybody. The discipline and a sense of belonging to the group were special. All of us were riding a Mojo; and the bike performed amazing by the way.

Rushlane – Any particular problem you faced with Mojo during the trail?

Rannvijay The balance of the bike was amazing. I never felt unstable on the bike although there was some initial apprehensions I had about the bike on bad roads. But that’s where the bike really pulled through.

Rushlane – What do you think about Mahindra Mojo?

Rannvijay I was pleasantly surprised by the Mahindra Mojo. I liked the fact that the tank can be hugged by my legs. It is not a skinny tank wherein one has to actually go inwards. This is one of the best touring bikes that I have ridden because the riding posture is perfect. At high speeds, most bikes would vibrate but this bike is extremely stable. I was worried about when the slush, gravel and bad roads started but that’s when I really loved the suspension.

Rushlane – What is the best thing about Mojo?

Rannvijay I will say the whole bike. The weight distribution and power of the bike are amazing. The bike is quite stable while taking the turns. I was just ripping the bike while off-roading because the suspensions was great. The bike has a huge tank, once petrol was filled, we didn’t have to worry about it until we reached our destination.

Rushlane – Would you buy one?

Rannvijay Ofcourse, I did not generally ride a tourer, but the category wherein the Mojo lies is altogether different. If anyone wants to have a good biking and riding experience then this is the bike to go buy.

Images via Rannvijay Singh Singha on Facebook

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