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Ranveer Singh’s Mumbai street dance and Jaguar XJ L getaway

When tagging Ranveer Singh, his tweet read, ‘ my #bangbangdare get out of ur car n pose on d middle of any Main Street of mumbai fr your fans! Hahaha,bolo..accept??’ [sic]. Ranveer replied by the the 5th day, “Tere liye Jaan hazir hai! Dil jeetliya duniya ka! RT @RanveerOfficial: My #bangbangdare ! Just for you @iHrithik :))’ [sic].

And yes, as you can see, the dare was accepted. The short video stunt has everyone Bollywood can offer. Ranveer’s drawn inspiration for the act entirely from Hrithik’s acting career. The actor hides his identity in a Krrish inspired mask, and completes the character’s look with a themed overcoat. The video begins inside the actor’s chauffeur driven white Jaguar XJ L, After a peppy reverse countdown, Ranveer bounds out of the car to position his boombox and phone on the road and immediately begins his dance routine.

The fast paced routine sees him dance through, and once he gets too close to the traffic cop in charge who subtly asks him to pack up, the actor proceeds to apologises quickly, and takes on self imposed murga punishment/ uthak baithak, runs back to position to complete his routine. Only this time, he takes of his mask to reveal himself. While no slow moving traffic was disrupted, a few had stopped to watch, while others were taking videos.

At this point though a few Mumbaiites realise who he is, he takes cue, records an end message for Hrithik, quickly starts scanning for his getaway car, and makes a run for it. Surely, Hritihik won’t be disappointed with this elaborate pose.

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