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Ratan Tata Arrives At Taj Mumbai In Modified Nano Electric – Netizens In Awe

Retrofitted Nano electric used by Ratan Tata is just one of the many projects successfully executed by ElectraEV startup

Ratan Tata with his Nano Electric
Ratan Tata with his Nano Electric

While new and upcoming electric car launches continue to share the limelight, a lot of work is being done in the background to expedite the shift to an all-electric system. Working on a similar pathway is ElectraEV, one of the leading providers of electric powertrains, battery packs, chargers, retrofitted ICE cars and other related services. The startup was launched by Ratan Tata himself.

In its original format, Tata Nano was equipped with a 624cc petrol motor. This has been replaced with a 72V powertrain that comprises a super polymer lithium-ion battery pack. It is estimated to have a range of 160 km on a full charge. Nano electric can achieve 0-60 kmph in around 10 seconds. Apart from the powertrain upgrade, there are no other major changes to the car.

Tata Nano electric

Electrified Tata Nano works as a good example to showcase the possibilities that exist in retrofitting space. There are millions of ICE-powered vehicles out there, which will continue to pollute the environment for years. Until of course an attempt is made to motivate users to get their vehicle retrofitted with electric powertrains.

Retrofitting work done by ElectraEV is FAME compliant and ARAI and RTO certified. The company is currently focused on retrofitting services for the fleet segment. Other products and services offered by ElectraEV include vehicle control units, telematics, prototyping, homologation readiness and after sales services and diagnostics.

Ratan Tata recently shared the reason why Nano was created
Ratan Tata recently shared the reason why Nano was created

Its success can be gauged from the fact that 25% of all electric four wheelers sold in the country in FY20 came with an ElectraEV powertrain. The startup currently offers its electric powertrain and data analysis services across 25 cities.

ElectraEV powertrain options

ElectraEV offers powertrain options in the range of 48V to 750V. Some examples include Tigor EV, which is equipped with a 72V architecture. The engineering team at ElectraEV had worked to increase Tigor EV range from 140 km to 213 km to comply with ARAI norms. Tata Ace has also undergone development work at ElectraEV before it was launched commercially in EV format. Tata Ace was fitted with a 96V powertrain by ElectraEV.

The upper, larger-capacity range is for bigger vehicles like e-Bus. For such vehicles, ElectraEV utilizes a 650V architecture. With this electric powertrain, bus fleet operators can contribute to a greener environment. These electrified buses will be eligible for FAME 2 benefits. Ratan Tata arriving at Taj Hotel in Mumbai, in his modified Tata Nano electric.

Battery packs offered by ElectraEV come with advanced cooling system, making it suitable for the generally hot weather conditions in the country. These are IP67 rated for effective protection against water and dust. Other features include a dedicated battery management system and configurable BMS software. In terms of output, ElectraEV powertrains can deliver 5 kw (6.80 PS) to 180 kw (245 PS) of max power and 4 Nm to 4500 Nm of peak torque.

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