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Realme Electric Scooter Planned For Launch In India?

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There is no confirmation from Realme if it actually has started working towards building EVs or related technologies

Electric mobility has opened up a lot of possibilities for future modes of transportation. It has also diluted the gap between industries worldwide as many well-established, as well as new startups from different areas of business, are venturing into the electric mobility space.

Incorporation of newer technologies that aren’t just mechanical in nature has primarily contributed to the burst of new contributors in this space. We have already heard examples of technology giants such as Sony and Apple trying to build their respective versions of an electric car.

Realme Stepping Into EV Space?

Another major player in the electronics technology space which is planning to enter the electric vehicle (EV) space is Realme. The Chinese manufacturer is one of the most sought-after smartphone brands in the world. The company sold over one million units of its smartphones in April 2021 in its home market itself. It also has many models lined up for the future as well.

Recently, it became the fastest smartphone brand ever to export 100 million smartphones internally and the feat was achieved in a span of just 37 months. Apart from China, the brand has a very strong presence in India too.

Realme name registered in Electric Vehicle category
Realme name registered in Electric Vehicle category

The company’s brand name ‘Realme’ has been trademarked under the “vehicles, apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water” in India. Interestingly, this trademark was filed by the parent company- Realme Mobile Telecommunications (Shenzhen) Co Ltd. just a few months after the company launched its first smartphone under the Realme brand. Within forty days of its launch, the company was able to go past 4 lakh sales volume for Realme One smartphone.

Realme is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, a subsidiary company of BBK electronics. It was founded in May 2018 by Sky Li, who was the former VP of Oppo, and the Head of Oppo India. BBK also owns Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and many others. China is currently the largest producer of two wheeler EVs. With India emerging as a top destination for electric scooters and motorcycles in the near future, it does not come as a surprise that BBK is likely planning to enter the electric scooter space in India via Realme brand.

Realme Electric Scooter – More Possibilities

Coming back to the trademark, it was filed in October 2018, four months after the smartphone was launched. While trademarks do not necessarily guarantee a launch, it shows that the company has definitely given thought to build technologies for electric vehicle space. Whether the company goes solo or forms a partnership with another mobility firm is yet to be seen.

Realme name registered in Electric Vehicle category
Realme name registered in Electric Vehicle category

It is believed that Realme would initially venture into the electric two-wheeler segment, however, no details regarding the same could be confirmed yet. Realme would be closely looking into the EV space with new faces venturing into the EV space very regularly. The company could also take a cue from the recent success of Ola Electric that dived into an unfamiliar business territory and is already reaping benefits out of it.

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