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Rear-view cameras a must for all new cars in the US by 2018

Drivers Embrace Rear View Cameras, Once the Preserve of Luxury M

US makes rear view cameras a must for all cars manufactured on or after 1st May 2018. Authorities have realised the fact that rear view cameras are mandatory and a life saver when it comes to backing up.

Drivers Embrace Rear View Cameras, Once the Preserve of Luxury MUS Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stipulated that this will include all new automobiles with a gross weight of under 10,000 pounds and will include cars, buses, vans and trucks. Back up cameras will be standard which will prevent drivers from reversing onto pedestrians.

Statistics reveal that there are 201 fatalities and 15,000 injuries each year due to backing up crashes and this according to the agency can be reduced drastically once rear visibility systems are augmented. It has also been found that senior citizens over 70 years of age and children under five account for over half these fatalities.

The new rule dictates that vehicles should be fitted with cameras that provide a 10 ft by 20 ft zone directly behind the vehicle while it must be compatible with image size, response time and durability. These cameras can be mounted on any part of the vehicle spanning the rear while also meeting standards of dashboard image size, lighting conditions and display time. NHTSA estimates that this installation of rear camera systems will cost anything between $43 and $45 while screen display could cost between $143 and $142 for all vehicles.


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