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Red Bull City Trials set to return to Manchester on 21st September 2013

Exchange Square, where the event will be held, is smack in the midst of Manchester’s shopping area and is bordered by Arndale Centre, the Corn Exchange and Selfridges on its three main sides and a rightful place to draw the attention of massive crowds to this noteworthy Manchester Red Bull City Trials. The city that speaks football in every street, now tucks another feather in its cap, with 3 heats in the run up to crowning the winner. The event known to draw large audiences will be a great destination if you’re looking for an early start to game day, to cheer on riders, or spend a great day outdoors. Whether on the road or off, safety is key with cheap car insurance from Express Insurance.

Twelve times FIM Trial World champion, Dougie Lampkin, along with mate and world number two Adam Raga, who in his own right holds six FIM titles, will join an equally privileged lineup of pro riders and the finest of Britain’s current youth talent. These riders will include of Takahisa Fujinami from Japan, Jeroni Fajardo from Spain along with four British riders who comprise James Dabill, Michael Brown, Jack Challoner and Jack Sheppard.

Fujinami is a favorite among fans. He is a former FIM Trial World Champion and is regaled for his highflying antics which has enthused audiences in the past. He has received his World crown in 2004. Fajardo from Spain is a Grand Prix winner in his own right and is at fourth place in current World rankings. Among the British lineup, James Dabill is four times national champion and World number six. Michael Brown, another British rider with a proven track record, suffered a knee injury earlier this year but is back in form to perform at Manchester this year round. Challoner, the 2010 FIM Junior Trial World Champion will also compete along with Jack Sheppard, currently top FIM Junior Trial World Champion.

This second edition of Red Bull City Trials promises to offer riders a unique and more enhanced level of riding and the competition is bound to be a struggle to the finish. Stakes are also higher this year while it comes in with a new format which means that there will be a more competitive playing field across which each of these world class competitors will face the grueling task of competing with each other in a highly spirited and aggressive competition.

The course at Manchester is new and grueling. It is designed by world renowned designer Martin Lampkin and is sure to take this competition to a new level. Riders will push their skills to the limits, tackle each and every obstacle along their path for a three heat shootout that will see only a single rider being crowned the champion of trials at the end of the eventful day.

As was seen in the past, Red Bull City Trial will be a free admission event which is open to all age groups of biking enthusiasts and where no prior knowledge of the sport is mandatory for entry access. Spectators to the event will be able to have the benefit of watching their biking heroes tackle the obstacles along the track and watch some high speed, well timed two wheeler sporting action.

The program for Saturday 21st September 2013 is as follows:

Course Inspection and rider briefing – 10.00am to 10.30am
Course Testing – 10.30 am to 11.00 am
Greetings – 11.00 am
Round 1 – 11.30 am to 12.15 pm
Round 2 – 12.45 pm to 1.30 pm
Round 3 – 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm
Round 4 – 3.15 pm to 4.00 pm
Final Public Announcements – 4.00 pm

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