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Red Bull Soapbox comes to Mumbai in December promising a fun filled contest of a different kind

This will be the first ever Red Bull Soapbox Race in India. The Red Bull Soapbox street race is being held Bandra, Mumbai on 2nd December 2012. Registration is free for participants and was open only till the 8th of October. It is a fun event where contestants contest against the clock in a downhill race with the most absurd and creative custom made non motorized vehicles.

Each soapbox must be powered only by gravity and will contain no stored power either within the box or outside it. Size is not a criteria but all vehicles must weigh less than 176 lbs, should be less than six feet wide and 20 feet in length and not more than seven feet high. Drivers should be above 18 years of age .

These go carts will be judged on the basis of timing, creativity and show and is a fun event where the most outrageous of ideas come to the fore along with apt costumes so as to gain more points for showmanship. Skits, music and other fun activities can also be performed by the participants in a bid to gain additional points.

Here’s the final 70 entries for Red Bull Soapbox Race, Mumbai 2012.
Sr. No. Team Name Racer

1 Apolopchi Tanmay Kuruvilla
2 Bad Piggies Ankit Khandelwal
3 Bandra Blasters Sukhwinder Singh
4 Bandra Buoyz Adit Chedda
5 Bend it Like Bandra Nonu Chawla
6 Booty Bombers Gyanesh yazad
7 Bull-O-Car Racer Rohit Patil
8 Cool Geek Che Jignesh Patel
9 Crank Heads Sudeeo Thangiah
10 Crazy Bulls Sam S Fernandes
11 Harleen Meelendra Singh
12 Iinnovators Nikhil Patrike
13 Jargons Sajan John
14 Marley and Me Sahit Khan
15 MarsFurce Kamlesh Shrivastav
16 Maveriks Vicky Gosher
17 Naughty Pirates Abivakas Vora
18 One Way Down Adrian Lobo
19 Peacock Devang Mehta
20 Pune Stealth Bombers Dr Rammohan Rai
21 Road Bulls Akshay Dalal
22 Road Rockets Tanmay Agarwal
23 Rockstars Anshuka Shukla
24 Soap Opera Fouad Ahmed
25 Solo Rockers Anand Dubey
26 Speeding Bulls Rohini Sawant
27 Team Vader Purav Shah
28 The Death Racers Elton Jain
29 The Gold Rush Suresh Shenghani
30 The Simpsons Karl
31 The Smelly Socks Tirath Muchhala
32 Tikka Sachin Bhelekar
33 Toilet Ryders Vinod Bhagawn Aran
34 Wings on Wheels Benora Dutt
35 YaBaDaBaDo-ers Rajiv Kumar Nair

Sr. No. Team Name Driver Name
1 Amee the Racers Siddhesh dattaram Haldankar
2 Aram Melville D’mello
3 Banana Republic Abhishek Gala
4 Bandra Rocks Vinay Pinto
5 Bhelpuri Ankit Vichare
6 Big Bang Rohit Gupta
7 Breaking Bad Priyank Shah
8 Bulls on Wiiings Kedar Jaidev
9 Bumble Bee Joseph Koraith
10 Dabbawalas Priyam Mehta
11 Don’t Call Me Cute! Miloni Patel
12 Drifters Inc Rohmin Aref
13 Go Ballistic Aditi Jain
14 Hell on Wheels Karthik Parya
15 Just Hatched Rutuma Wadkar
16 Maharajas of Zigpur Abhishek Nigam
17 Metrosexy Maharajas Kathan Shah
18 Mumbaicar Bhushan Gambhir
19 Mumboys Warriors Jatin Desai
20 Ninja Turtles Kenneth Barnes
21 Opa Rodeo Style Kyle Pereira
22 Pirates of the Road Aldred R Fernandes
23 Rath Wrath Ronak Shah
24 Renegades Salman Temrikar
25 Ruparel Rockers Indrajeet Hingane
26 St Andrews BMM Brandon Verdes
27 Star Wars Aditya Akolkar
28 Swast Mast Mummys Ashish Pankhania
29 Team Tritech Aristide Fernandes
30 Team Vada Pav Mandar Tank
31 The Hot Head Ironz Anirudha Hazare
32 The Lather Kings Sidhraj Shah
33 Twisted Performance Prasad Iyer
34 Wallnuts Teerthal Patel
35 Yerodynamik Yentrads Amey Sawant

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