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Red Bull Soapbox Mumbai Race first for India on 2nd December 2012

during the Red Bull Soapbox race in Bandra, Mumbai, India on December 2nd 2012The Inaugural Red Bull Soapbox Racing was held in Mumbai’s Mount Mary Road in Bandra on 2nd December 2012. The events commenced at 11 am and were flagged off by Imram Khan and Vishal Bhardwaj. A total of 70 Soapbox participated in the race with each of these 70 Soapboxes trying to outpace each other. Fuelled only by creativity and friendly rivalry, the Sunday afternoon saw over 10,000 people come out in Bandra’s streets to witness something that has not been seen before on the streets of Mumbai.

Soapboxes in the shape of vada pavs, pizza slices, snails and pirate ships raced down the slopes while Dabbawallas, Team Tritech and Feni Talks won first, second and third prizes. Dabbawallas in their Soapbox designed like food dabbas caught the immediate attention of the judges while Team Tritech rode a radio controlled car and Feni Talks team rode downhill in a Feni bottle. Honorable M.P. Priya Dutt and local MLA Baba Siddiqui gave away the prizes.

Team members of the winning team get to visit the World of Red Bull at Salzburg, Austria along with a visit to Hangar 7 and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters) Racing Circuit. The first runners up win an all expenses paid trip to Sunburn Goa 2012 while the second runners up get free passes to a New Year’s party along with friends.

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