Red Bull Soapbox Race, a non-motorized racing event: Mumbai 2nd December 2012

The Red Bull Soapbox Race is slated to be held in Mumbai on December 2nd 2012. Auto and sports enthusiasts have something to look forward to and the event promises to be filled with action and activity both for seasoned racers and upcoming novices to the sport. The main aim of this competition is to build a soapbox machine that can go downhill and compete with other such models.

The aim is to bring out the most unique and imaginative human powered vehicle that can stand the test of coursing over bumpy terrain, round curves and uneven pathways on its downward journey. A special panel of judges will be rating the most imaginative and strongest soapbox vehicle while Red Bull will be available to offer tips and guidelines on how to build the most effective soapbox vehicle.

Red Bull Soapbox Races have travelled to 77 cities across 40 countries where they have seen resounding participation and most imaginative of designs right from a cob of corn to a jail cell. Auto enthusiasts go a step further by dressing in most unusual garb or playing music sound tracks for the duration of the race. Hopefully participants in India will come up with something even more unusual and “Out of the Soapbox”.

India auto news release: Forget about horsepower and go ballistic with the first ever Red Bull Soapbox Race in India!

Fast is good but outrageous is even better!!

Ever thought of zipping down a slope in a whacky cart that screams your personality? What if you get a chance to unleash your creativity, only to win a prize? Get ready to experience the world’s wildest street racing competition; Red Bull Soapbox Race, making its debut in Mumbai on December 2nd 2012.

Fuelled by creativity and competitive fun, Red Bull Soapbox Race is a unique non-motorized racing event which challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike. The task is to design and build imaginative, human-powered soapbox machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race course featuring jumps, bumps and curves.

Spice up the traffic on Mumbai roads and celebrate the street life of this cosmopolitan city by building your own quirky soapbox. Here is what you need to do to be a part of Soapbox Race history:

A panel of judges will shortlist the best 50 gear-heads and adrenaline junkies, who will then convert their paper sketches into a real soapbox. Red Bull will support the participants with expert tips for this round-the-clock soapbox construction, to ensure that the car is good enough to whiz down the race track on D-day.

At the Red Bull Soapbox Race, which has travelled to 77 cities across 40 countries, there’s never a dearth of unfathomable shapes made of unfamiliar materials. Red Bull Soapbox Race vehicles range from realistic replicas to anything that the imagination can conjure up. Past cars have included a piano, a baby carriage, a rodeo clown, a massive cob of corn, a jail cell and the Golden Gate Bridge. To gain more showmanship points, participants often wear outrageous costumes, act out skits, and create their own music soundtracks for the race.

Wondering what the first Indian edition of Red Bull Soapbox Race has in store for you- replicas of the Taj Mahal, the Gateway of India, a nukkad pan shop or a pav bhaji stall…! This is your shot at going absolutely crazy and creating the zaniest speed demons to have ever screeched the slopes of Mumbai.