Regal Raptor Motorcycles to enter India via FAB Motors

FAB Motors (Fabulous and Beyond Motors India) is a new subsidiary of Fabulous and Beyond Enterprises which is a diversified business group based in Hyderabad worth over Rs. 600 crores. The automobile wing entered a partnership with 25-year old US-based Regal Raptor Motorcycles for manufacturing and distribution in India and eight neighbouring markets including Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen.

Entire lineup of Regal Raptor Motorcycles will be offered in India, including entry-level Bobber, Daytona 350 and DD 350E 9B sharing same 320 cc engine.
FAB Motors is planning to establish a new manufacturing plant in Telangana worth Rs. 1,000 crores, spent over a period of four years. The share of each company is not disclosed. FAB Motors’ Managing Director, M G Shahriq, said the company would spend about Rs. 300 – 400 crores in Phase-I of operations, partly contributed by Regal Raptor. The first phase will roll out 500 motorcycles per shift a month, starting in first quarter of 2016. When the production plant is completed, around 25,000 new jobs will have been created.

But Regal Raptor Motorcycles will not wait until next year to hit the streets. The brand will launch in India in a few weeks and start selling at the first showroom in Hyderabad. Entire line-up of bikes with displacement ranging from 350 cc to 1,800 cc will be made available right from launch, via CKD kits assembled in a facility in the same city. Starting price of Raptor Motorcycles will be Rs. 2.9 lakhs, while the other end will be Rs. 20 lakhs. A total of 90 dealerships will be inaugurated across the country by 2015-end.

Via – Economic Times