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Renault 1.6L turbocharged V6 engine for 2014 F1, now revealed (Video)


At the Paris Air Show last week, Renault unveiled their new 2014 turbocharged Formula 1 engine. Called Energy F1-2014, this new turbocharged V6 replaces the current 2.4L naturally aspirated engines used in the current F1 season by 2014. Renault Energy F1-2014 will deliver 760 hp, and is 35% more fuel efficient.

Renault 1.6L turbocharged V6 engine for 2014 F1, now revealed (1)Renault is the first to reveal the 2014 Formula 1 engine. The new engine will allow the F1 car to complete an entire race with 100 kgs of fuel, which is in accordance with the new FIA rule. Apart from being fitted with turbochargers (banned since 1988), it is fitted with an even more efficient energy recovery system that augments energy efficiency which is otherwise dispelled by exhaust or brakes. Compared to the current system (KERS), ERS is twice more powerful.

The 1.6L unit is capable of 600 hp, while additional 160 hp is via the energy recovery system. The new V6 also has lower rev limits at just 15,000 rpm as against 18000 rpm seen in the V8. Speaking about the all important (for fans) engine noise, Rob White, Deputy Managing Director (technical) says, “Fundamentally the engine noise will still be loud. It will wake you from sleep, and circuit neighbors will still complain. The engine noise is just a turbocharged noise, rather than a normally aspirated noise: you can just hear the turbo when the driver lifts off the throttle and the engine speed drops.”

Renault has a deal with Red Bull Racing for the coming year, for the supply of Energy F1 while it will also be supplying the same to Toro Rosso. Renault will also continue to power Caterham while they will no longer be partnering Williams Team in the 2014 season.


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  • rich

    Don’t like the sound !!! I was glad to be able to see f1 Live at Austin last year. Truly Amazing to watch and hear the cars run on true naturally aspirated motor pushing the 750 hp on a 2.4 l