Renault reveals future ready 2 cyl, 2 stroke diesel engine to power their future small cars

Renault’s new technologies and powertrain components were on display at Innovations@Renault event in Paris. The French automakers have developed a new electric motor designed and built in-house which is 10 percent smaller than the current unit in use which it produces 88PS peak power and 220 Nm peak torque.

renault 2 cyl diesel
Unveiled at an Innovations@Renault event in Paris, this new small diesel engine could be the most efficient diesel engine to enter production

Renault also showcased a turbocharged three cylinder dual fuel Petrol/LPG engine which is highly fuel efficient and capable of reducing fuel bills by 25% due to its start/stop facility and brake energy recovery system.

Highlight of the event was a lightweight two cylinder, two stroke diesel engine which is capable of producing between 48-68 PS and 112-145 Nm torque from 1500 rpm. The company claims that though this engine is highly efficient, still some work is needed to enhance performance after which it will be making its way into the company’s smaller models. The new two cylinder engine is half the size of Renault’s dCi diesel engine and weighs 40 kgs less. It is ideally suited for small vehicle platforms and the 730cc unit is both supercharged and turbocharged.

renault 2 cyl diesel
Initial tests are encouraging, although the performance needs to be improved before Renault could consider introducing it

Production cost of the Renault 2 cylinder engine is slated to be less than the bigger diesel engine but higher than that of a petrol engine. We can expect that this new engine could be making its way to lower end Renault cars which are planned for launch in the near future in countries like India.