Renault and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality agree on Zero Emission Partnership

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality along with Renault has entered into an agreement to ensure better use of electric vehicles and to improve quality of the environment. These two entities have come together to pave the way for a Zero Emission Partnership. Through this partnership a new range of environmentally friendly electric vehicles will make its way into Antalya.

The venture will also ensure that infrastructure is developed in keeping with the launch of these electric vehicles which will include convenient and efficient charging points for these electric vehicles which are being produced from Bursa Oyak Renault Automobile Plants since end of last year. Top officials of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality along with General Manager of Renault MAIS and Tarik Tunal?o?lu, General Manager of Oyak Renault came together to sign the agreement as both parties strive to promote electric vehicles in Turkey. This is a major step being taken by both parties in reducing CO2 emissions and countering adverse effects it has on the environment.

Special task forces will be set up by end of this year to ensure that endeavors of this partnership agreement progress according to plan. For starters, an efficient network of charging points for electric vehicles will be developed, special projects with regard to fleets, public spaces and urban areas will be brought into effect while rules and regulations with emphasis on installation and operation of these charging points will be set in motion.

Auto news release: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Renault signed an agreement to deploy a program to prepare a Zero Emissions Partnership

This agreement aims to achieve a partnership for the promotion and deployment of the environmental friendly electric vehicles in Antalya, as it is the case in other leading cities of the world.

This partnership program will focus on the establishment in the territory of the prefecture of Antalya of a substructure of charging points for electric vehicles manufactured in Bursa Oyak Renault Automobile Plants since the end of 2011.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akayd?n, Mayor of the Metropolis of Antalya, Bülent Y?ld?r?m, Chairman of Ula??m A.?., Ibrahim Aybar, General Manager of Renault MAIS and Tarik Tunal?o?lu, General Manager of Oyak Renault.

Reinforced by this synergy between Renault and the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the parties have decided to start a work to promote electric vehicles which are manufactured in Oyak Renault Automobile Plants in Turkey within the boundaries of Antalya in order to reduce CO2 emissions and the effects of global warming. To this end, a team will be set up until the end of 2012 in order to achieve concrete results regarding the establishment of an infrastructure that will allow the use of electric vehicles in the city.

Thus, the task force will be responsible for making proposals, including:

To increase the projects in Antalya which will enable the widespread use of electric vehicles around the axis of charging points; install and develop a network of charging points for electric vehicles; to develop specific projects related to fleets, public spaces and urban areas; review the various regulations regarding the installation and operation of charging points for electric vehicles.

?brahim Aybar, Renault Mais General Manager, stated as follows after signing the agreement: “Electric vehicles which are in our agenda since a long time are now a part of real life…We, as the automobile industry, have to be responsive and shall contribute to a possible environmental disaster in the world. We are happy to cooperate with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in promoting electric vehicles pioneered by Renault in order to protect both human health and the environment.“

Tar?k Tunal?o?lu, Oyak-Renault General Manager spoke as follows: “We commenced the mass production of Fluence’s electric version at the end of 2011. Electric driven Fluence is presented to the global market after leaving the same production line on which our 3 other models are manufactured. Now, we make deliveries of the Fluence ZE orders placed by our customers around the world since last September. To put it another way, at the end of 1 year since the production has begun thousands of Fluence ZE cars from Bursa are driven in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Israel and Denmark. This is a revolutionary change. Oyak-Renault Automobile Plants are a pioneer in the revolutionary change of the Turkish Automotive Industry. Infrastructure works in order to promote electric vehicles in our country are of great importance. We are honored of this leap which will enable Antalya to be one of the pioneer cities in this revolutionary change”.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality:

Antalya, Turkey’s capital of tourism is a city visited every year by millions of local and international tourists on basis of the sea, sand, sun and history it offers. Antalya where green meets with blue, proved itself with its industry that is not affecting tourism adversely. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality contributes the tourism, economy, industry, culture and infrastructure of the city with all kinds of investments. The importance attached to clean energy has been proven with Solarcity (Güne?ev) Project. Furnitures, flowers and saplings are produced in their own workshops. They are also exemplary by owning the first electric driven official car among Metropolitan Municipalities. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality breaking new grounds takes pride of undersigning a protocol which is going to clean the air of the city.


Offering a wide range of zero emission vehicles, Renault is one of global leaders in the development of electric vehicles. The Renault-Nissan Alliance invested 4 billion Euros for the development of electric vehicles all around the world.

In this respect, Turkey plays a very important role, because Renault has in this country a very strong position both in terms of industrial and commercial grounds. Fluence Z.E., one of Renault’s first electric driven models is manufactured at the Bursa Oyak Renault Automobile Plants.

Renault, together with its partner Nissan, aims to be the leader in zero emission* transportation by being the first automobile manufacturer by offering a wide range of affordable and unabridged electric driven passenger cars and commercial vehicles to consumer masses. The brand launched four electric driven models namely Fluence Z.E., Kangoo Z.E., Twizy and ZOE. Renault and Nissan undersigned more than 100 partnership agreements with governments and local stakeholders around the globe in order to promote the development and commercialization of electric vehicles.

The agreements undersigned with Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep and Kocaeli in Turkey have been concluded in this respect.