Renault and HP Utility Services partner for telematics services for electric vehicles

HP Utility Services will be offering support for development of new telematics services for all Renault electric vehicles though a new partnership entered into by both parties. Renault, along with Nissan is a major player in development of electric cars, lithium – ion batteries and advanced telematics services need vehicle telematics to assist driver in various functions such as checking battery, charge rate and site of closest battery charging station besides information of up to date traffic updates and cloud computing services of pay as you drive insurance.

All these services will be provided the HP Enterprise Cloud Services who will be involved in offering these services to Renault electric vehicles. For more efficient and quicker services and instant connectivity to HP server and network, a preconfigured HP Converged Infrastructure has been set up at HP’ data centre in Grenoble, France.

This will enable automated services in the least amount of time and with minimum cost while also being flexible enough to cater to Renault’s future demands. ‘Pay as you go’ insurance offers better flexibility, reduces Renault’s investment and offers a higher level of security as well.

Auto news release: Renault Selects HP for Private Cloud Services

HP Utility Services support development of new telematics services for zero emission transportation

HP announced that French automaker Renault S.A. has selected an HP Utility Services solution to support the development of innovative new telematics services for its electric cars.

Through its alliance with Nissan, Renault is the world’s fourth-largest automotive group and a leader in zero emission transportation. Together, Renault and Nissan have made huge investments in the development of electric cars, Lithium-ion batteries and advanced telematics services.

Connected electronic vehicle telematics help drivers to check the car’s battery, its charge rate and the location of the nearest charging station, as well as provide live traffic updates and cloud computing based applications like pay-as-you-drive insurance.

Renault selected HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Utility Services to host its European IT infrastructure and manage its technical applications, delivering just the right computing capacity and giving the company greater flexibility to meet its business needs at minimum cost.

A preconfigured and tested HP Converged Infrastructure hosted in HP’s highly secure Tier 3 data center in Grenoble, France, gives Renault fast access to the latest HP server, storage, networking, power and cooling technologies.

This economical solution offers highly automated processes that cut the time, cost and complexity of getting Renault’s business-critical new applications into production. Built-in technology refreshes and flexible capacity provisioning ensure that Renault’s IT infrastructure is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate future demands.

The pay-as-you-go financial model reduces Renault’s capital investment and ensures predictable ongoing costs. The flexible model allows for frequent adjustments to support projected growth, and aligns with the service level agreements and high levels of security expected by Renault.

“The combination of HP’s technology and cloud computing services helps us create the innovative, integrated, end-to-end solutions that customers like Renault need to more effectively achieve market, cost and environmental objectives,” said Gerald Karsenti, president and managing director, HP France.