Renault Classic website goes online from October 3rd

Renault Classic now has its very own website which went online from Wednesday, October 3, 2012. The reason for this exclusive website is to strengthen ties with Renault and Alpine based clubs and auto enthusiasts, permitting them to showcase their activities and new items to a larger audience. The website will give all information about Renault Classic and information of all upcoming events bringing together the large number of Renault clubs on a common platform.

The website will also have the facility for members to download documents such as authenticity documents or entry forms to participate in special activities which are held from time to time. The site will also have its own Facebook page and have access to Renault Classic YouTube channel

Renault Classic Car Club was founded in 2001. Its aim is to support and Renault cars which commenced production over 25 years ago. The club supports participation between members while they do have a special section for members to participate in motor sports. The Club Membership is restricted to UK and Southern Ireland though they do have members from across the globe. Membership fees are £20 per annum which includes a quarterly magazine, technical support from fellow members a host of other benefits exclusive for Renault Club members.

Auto news release: Renault Classic’ launches its own website!

A brand new website ( devoted to Renault Classic will go online on Wednesday, October 3.

In addition to addressing the needs of all those who have an interest in classic Renault vehicles, the new site’s mission is to strengthen Renault’s ties with Renault- and Alpine-based clubs and enthusiasts.

The new website will be a valuable source of information about Renault Classic, plus all the latest news and details of upcoming events.

It will also permit clubs to promote their own activities, news and calendars.

There are several hundred Renault clubs worldwide, so putting them all in contact with each other and catering for their needs were two major objectives during the design of the Renault Classic website ( which is due to go live on Wednesday, October 3. This exciting new tool will provide clubs, collectors and Renault and Alpine enthusiasts with a chance to communicate together and also allow them to access a realm of useful information, not only about Renault Classic but also about the Renault and Alpine fans community.

Contents will also feature a presentation of Renault Classic, including a calendar of the events in which it plans to take part, plus an introduction to Renault’s own collection of vehicles.

Meanwhile, clubs will be able to register and publish their own news, dates and pictures.

Another section of the website will be given over to the availability of downloadable documents, such as authenticity document requests or entry forms to take part in special events.

The site will also have its own Facebook page ( and will permit access to Renault Classic’s YouTube channel.