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Renault plans sub 4m sedan / SUV based on Kwid design

Renault Kwid waiting period

Outstanding response to Renault Kwid has motivated the company to launch more new cars based on the same platform.

Common Module Family (CMF-A) architecture, jointly developed by Nissan and Renault has proved its stance on the Renault Kwid. This small car has been a huge success in the country and has managed to turn the tables for Renault in India.

With over 1.5 lakh bookings, Renault Kwid waiting period today extends to up to 10 months. In order to meet demand, the company has increased production at their plant in Chennai.

Renault Kwid Convertible

Renault Kwid Convertible Render

This success of Kwid has resulted in Renault exploring the possibilities of launching more cars on the same platform as Kwid. This will be most likely be in the form of a small sedan, a crossover and a small SUV. All three of these cars will be under 4 meter in length and will have its design inspired from the Kwid.

Renault India plans to introduce at least one new car each year. This will help the company to increase sales and consequently their market share, which currently stands at about 4%. The company’s market share has seen a steady rise from a 9th position in 2014 to 8th spot in 2015 while Renault India is currently the 5th largest automaker in India positioned after Maruti, Hyundai, M&M and Honda.

Renault Kwid AMT 1 Liter

Renault is scheduled to launch KWID AMT with 1 liter engine before Diwali 2016.

More than 70% of the cars sold in India are in the sub 4 meter segment. Renault India hopes to cover the sub 4 meter segment by the launch of these new CMF-A platform cars, and the remaining 30% by their global lineup of cars. One of them is the new Kaptur, which is expected to be launched next year.

Renault Kwid RaceR Concept – Photos

Renault Kwid ClimbeR Concept – Photos

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  • These sub 4m sedans are the stupidest idea ever conceived. They end up always looking hideous and disproportionate and are way less practical than an equivalent hatchback. People need to get their shit together and realise that just because it’s a sedan, it doesn’t make it a Mercedes s-class, because it’s all about the false sense of prestige associated with a sedan

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