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Renault C@RE customer relationship experience

Renault will be rethinking its customer relationship model as it strives to provide its customers with efficient services before, during and after sales. The program is known as C@RE and includes sales and marketing protocols involved when interacting with customers. The program will be rolled out amongst all its dealerships within the period from now till 2016.

Customer Approved Renault Experience or C@RE has been designed to focus on customers’ expectations in relation to sales and after sales support and services. Taking hint that most customers make use of digital media before purchasing products, Nissan has outlined a seamless program that capitalizes on three main factors of a customer viz, conquest, conversion and loyalty. C@RE will offer customers an experience that will connect them with virtual and real worlds without any boundaries. It will provide an innovative and interactive experience for customers which will save time and improve rapport between the customer and brand.

Consisting of 40 projects, the program will provide features like- the My Renault customer personal space portal, the Renault Stores, 3D configurator, touch tablets, the Customer Promise, behavioral training for technicians and sales staff as also pit stop Servicing.

Jérôme Stoll, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing and Light Commercial Vehicles said, “A carmaker’s strength is measured by its skill in the three business areas of design, manufacturing and sales and its ability to create value and offer it to our customers. Renault is increasingly recognized for its engineering and quality manufacturing. We must now earn recognition for excellence in customer experience. To revolutionize the car buying experience, we have to break down the barriers between our sales and marketing organizations by creating a link between the physical outlets and the web, before, during and after a purchase. That’s a major priority for me.”

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