Renault Duster catches fire after accident with Hyundai Eon

A Renault Duster went up in flames after it met with an accident involving a Hyundai Eon near Pariyaram in Kerala. The circumstances of the accident is not clear but going by the pictures posted by a Team-bhp forum member, it appears that one of the cars lost control due to a wet and very slippery road and crashed into the other.

The evidence suggests that the cars were traveling in opposite direction to each other. It’s reported that soon after the crash, the Duster slowly started burning but fortunately all occupants were already out of the car. The fire appears to have started from the engine bay and things escalated quickly from that point on.

The fire service were on the scene to douse the flames but not before the car’s front half and the entire interior were damaged beyond recovery. In comparison, the Eon too is severely damaged due to the impact but will live to get back on the road again. No casualties were imported.

A vehicle catching fire post an accident happens more often than we think. Given that it was drizzling at the time of the incident, a short circuit of one of the many wiring lines in the engine bay could have triggered the flame.

Renault Duster Facelift – Photos

Renault Duster AMT – Photos

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