Renault Duster deemed better off as a dust bin, donated for garbage disposal

No, it’s not the Duster Oroch pickup version designed to haul stuff, it’s the regular crossover that has outlived it’s usefulness as a personal vehicle to a Kota, Rajasthan-based businessman.

Renault Duster Garbage Disposal Dustbin India 4 rear
It is common for incidents of trauma to turn a man into either an avenger or a philanthropist. After Bruce Wayne, the customer, Rajesh Pareta, is whom we know to have become both following a single incident.
We have seen a Mercedes being dragged by donkeys, even a Jaguar, in cases of discontent with dealer service. But they all meant personal retribution, apart from proving their points. But hats off to Mr. Rajesh Pareta, for doing good to the society in the process of proving his.

What happened is, his Renault Duster seems to have been facing problems with electrical equipments including air conditioner, right from day one. Being in Rajasthan, AC is obviously one of the most essential requirements of any car there. Upon submitting the car at a Renault India service centre, they stalled for around 200 days (most part of a good year) and still couldn’t fix the defects.

Outraged customer, who can’t sell the car with such problems, decided to do good with it and donated his vehicle for the best use he could think of where these problems won’t matter. The Renault Duster was contributed to the Morak Station Gram Panchayat, on a strict condition that the car should not be abused and must be used only to do good to the village by collecting muck from around the place and be used for garbage disposal.

The owner who made a Renault Dustbin, then glorified the car by pasting big stickers on the body that translate to read garbage bin.

Via – Team-bhp