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Renault Duster on steroids – Lada 4×4 Concept makes global debut

2018 Moscow International Motor Show being held from 29th August to 9th September 2018 has the much awaited Lada 4×4 Vision concept on display. This new 4×4 model was previously known as the Niva and Vaz-2121 and has been in production since 1977.

Looking like a Renault Duster on steroids, the car is designed by Lada Chief Designer, Briton Steve Mattin. It is designed to showcase the philosophy of an ultimate off road vehicle and borrows X style design elements from the company’s X-Ray SUV. These include an X shaped front grille, X shaped LED head lamps and 3D X sculpting on the vehicle sides.

The five door Lada 4×4 Vision concept is based on a 4.2 meter platform. It gets two rear passenger doors disguised by body work to show off a 3 door design. It sits on 21” wheels offering higher ground clearance to take on the most rugged of terrain and boasts of short overhangs for optimum approach and departure angles.

The exteriors also sport a large panoramic roof and a Russian flag in an aluminum lining positioned between the front wheel arch and door. A 220V socket is evident near the fuel tank so as to charge electric appliances.

Interiors are seen with ambient lighting and two large infotainment screens offering driver information and entertainment options while seating gets distinctive colors for upholstery.

While the Lada 4×4 Vision concept gets detailed, it is only set to enter production sometime in 2021-22 when more details with regard to engine specifications and prices will be revealed.


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