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Renault Duster vs Ford EcoSport: Unstoppable Explorer vs Urban Discoveries


Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport are known rivals. India has seen the launch of Duster SUV, but awaits the launch of EcoSport. Ford India went live with their first official campaign of EcoSport SUV in the form of EcoSport Urban Discoveries, two days back. On a very similar note, Renault India begun looking for their Duster Unstoppable Explorer earlier today.

Renault Duster vs Ford EcoSport Unstoppable Explorer vs Urban Discoveries (1)Renault Duster’s sales figures in India speaks volumes about the compact SUV. In India, Duster enjoys the privilege of being the first of its kind in the segment, ever since it was launched in July 2012. Of the 42,347 car’s sold by Renault India in the July 2012 – Feb 2013 period, 32,875 units belong to Duster. Some say Duster sales grew in number because it has no worthy opponent, yet.

Ford India is close on the heels of launching the EcoSport in India. Once launched, EcoSport will commence its rivalry against the Duster in India. Duster and EcoSport are already fighting for supremacy in Brazil. As far as sales figures for 2012 are concerned, Renault Duster outnumbered Ford EcoSport by 46,893 to 38,284. But the story in 2013 is different. For Jan 2013, Duster sales in Brazil stood at 3,695 units, whereas that of EcoSport stood at 6,367 units. The report  for Feb 2013 is also similar. In the first 15 days of Feb 2013, Duster sales stood at just 743 units compared to EcoSport’s 2,757 units, reports bestsellingcarsblog.

Obviously, Renault India would not want Duster sales to be hampered, as they have been in Brazil, due to EcoSport. So, when Ford India announced a new campaign for EcoSport called Urban Discoveries, their single largest product experiential pre-launch campaign for their fans, Renault India too initiated something similar on twitter – Unstoppable Explorer. The battle has begun.

Renault Duster vs Ford EcoSport Unstoppable Explorer vs Urban Discoveries (2)


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  • Ed

    Brazillian Duster sales down in Jan and Feb due to factory being closed for expansion works. Duster waiting list is 100 days.

    • sagar112

      Thanks Ed, updated the post 🙂

    • Ghost rider

      This is news..never knew that as media only showing sales figure to justify supremacy of ecosport over Duster…I still believe Duster is still a better value proposition in the market.

      • Mahesh Sharma

        Yes Duster is a better value proposition. Nothing to suggest otherwise (stats are variable). It is a great SUV unlike Ecosport which is being marketed as one but is actually a sub 4m car. Ford can do better, they can start from launching their cars sooner than making the public wait for years.

  • SSS

    Who says Ecposport is a SUV? Any SUV looking cars can never be a SUV unless it has proper seating space, power, built, pick-up etc. Ecosport is a small car given a SUV look. Lets see it biting dust in showrooms like its other sisters. Ford Figo is a little seen on the roads only because Maruti Swift is on a long waiting.

  • sam

    Ford is generating hype for a car, which has been in the offing, for the last 1-2 years. India was supposed to be its first market. Now, suddenly, India is supposed to be a market, which Ford is considering, but, not sure, it even wants to really explore. Wow.

  • Kiran Kumar

    Ford Eco sport is like a Wagon R size and under 4mtr car so it does not fall in SUV segment so no comparison to Renault DUSTER, And person who is looking for premium Hatch back can think:):)

  • Prayag

    No competition in Duster and Ecosport because they are two cars of different leagues. It is a stupid comparison because Duster is properly designed keepin in mind SUV standards, while Ford has made Ecosport a small car (excise duty benefit). The spaciousness matters a lot because if you are buying an SUV with a powerful engine and all and if only 4 can sit in it then how will it be fun to travel? More, the luggage space must also be given priority because SUV must be used for traveling long distances. Other factors like fuel efficiency and performance on and off road will also matter. It will not be easy to break Duster as a brand in the market for Ecosport. The delay in launch has also caused a diversion from Ecosport resulting in people buying other cars.

  • Mahesh Sharma

    I think Duster vs Ecosport is getting all the hype because until now there was no real competition for Duster in the Indian market. However it is still not a competition because Ecosport is too small and meek in front of the Duster. Duster has been a trendsetter, a segment creator in India and since its launch has proved that Renault is not beating around the bush but actually is focused on entertaining its customers with a nice SUV. The looks, the feel, the performance says it all about Duster. I say this confidently because I own it.