Renault unveils 100 kmpl concept at 2014 Paris Motor Show

renault eolab paris 2014 (1)In order to achieve this impressive mileage of 100 kmpl (1 liter / 100 kms), Renault has built the Eolab around three pillars, weight reduction using special lightweight materials (aluminium doors, magnesium roof, and thermoplastic bonnet), designing aerodynamic body, and the use of updated hybrid powertrain as compared to that of Renault Z.E. (Zero Electric).

Four door, four seater Eolab does not have a rear door on the driver side. For engines, the petrol engine generates 74 hp, while the electric motor generates 67 hp, together generating a good 141 hp. Torque output is at 200 Nm, while claimed top speed is 118.4 kmph.

Renault has not confirmed whether the Eolab will enter production, but what we can safely assume is that the technology featured in the Eolab concept, will soon start trickling into future cars from Renault.