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Renault Fluence EV tests the self driving tech, PAMU (Video)


Renault has showcased their all-new self driving technology via a video. This technology is named PAMU – Plateform Avancée de Mobilité Urbain (Advanced Urban Mobility Platform). Though in an early stage, the video shows Renault’s commitment in the field, which holds a lot of potential in the future. The car used by Renault to demonstrate PAMU, is their Fluence EV.

Speaking about the test, Project manager François Chauveau explains: “Driving a car is generally a pleasure, but sometimes it’s not, like when you spend hours looking for a parking space or you have to park in an underground lot. This is exactly why restaurants have a valet service – at a price, of course! That’s where the idea comes from: why not simply an automatic driver? And in the same spirit, how about a car that picks up its driver rather than the other way round?”

François Chauveau adds, “It’s just an experiment for now, for a specific use, valet parking. But unlike other driverless cars, Renault and its partners designed the AUMP with equipment, safety and costs in line with industry standards, with most of the components already fitted in the car. One day, perhaps?”

PAMU is Renault's self driving technology (Video)



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