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Renault India reports 39% sales decline in H1 2014

Renault India

What a difference a year makes. Last year this time Renault was posting robust sales overseas, as seen in Russia and India. That isn’t quite so true in regards to sales in India today.

Renault IndiaIn H1 2013, sales in Asia-Pacific region were up 7.8% with 125,400 vehicles sold. Renault India stomped ahead with its 5 offerings across 100 dealerships to reach out to about 90% of India’s buyers. Renault India reported 2.5% market share which equated to remarkable growth over 0.3% market share in 2012. Having sold 39,490 cars in the first 6 months last year, Renault established itself as the number-one European brand in India.

A year later, and Renault India is still selling the same 5 carlines, albeit facelifts have been introduced, but now it just doesn’t seem enough. In the face of slow sales and downturn in the auto market here, Renault India H1 2014 sales stand at 24,129 units to now report 1.6% market share. Renault India sales decline is noticeable at 38.9% for the first six months of 2014. It remains to be seen what Renault can do in India where total industry volume is down 5%.

In H1 2014, sales in Asia-Pacific region stands at 110,903 units, down 12% (-2.8% excluding Iran). Apart from Iran, sales drop in India has contributed significantly to decline, and group market share in the region dipped by 0.5%.

Q1-Q2 2013 sales put Renault India as the 11th sales market for the group worldwide. In comparison, Q1-Q2 2014 sales puts Renault India in 13th place in top 15 group markets at mid-year end 2014.


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