Renault Kwid crash tested again, safety rating now at 1 star

After India-spec Renault Kwid failed in the crash test, Sumit Sawhney, MD, Renault India, had stated that they will work on the car’s safety features and make it more safer.

At that time, the MD responded to the poor result in Global NCAP crash tests by justifying that the safety watchdog tested the Kwid when it was in developing stages.

Now, exactly four months later, Global NCAP has tested another version of Kwid, which they claims is the latest version, meaning the one which is being sold to the customers. Compared to the previous Kwid, there is an improvement in safety rating, but it is not nothing to be proud of.

New Renault Kwid has received a rating of just 1 star. This was a top end variant which was fitted with optional driver airbag. Global NCAP states – “During the test this version still showed high chest deflection, explaining the one star rating in the driver seat.”

A few months ago, Mr Sawhney had stated that when Global NCAP will test the Renault Kwid once again, it will meet the safety standards. Sadly, that has not happened. At the same time, it is to be noted that the made-in-India Kwid, which will be launched in Brazil in the next few weeks, is 130 kgs more heavier, and also comes with many more safety features like dual front airbags, ABS, etc.

Renault Kwid safety rating 0 Global NCAP crash test
Kwid’s first crash test.

In the meantime, we are getting ready to adhere to upcoming Bharat NCAP safety features in India. Mr. Sawhney said:

While we are meeting all the safety requirements of current regulations in India, we will be far exceeding even the requirements the Indian government will be putting in 2017 and 2019.

By 2019 when the enhanced safety norms kick in for existing models, the Kwid is expected to have a reinforced body shell, standard air bags and ABS. Coming back to the present scenario, market response for the kwid didn’t seem to have diminished due to negative publicity around the safety rating.

Recently, Renault India introduced a more powerful 1.0L Kwid. The automaker has also started exporting the Kwid to Sri Lanka, Nepal and other neighboring countries.

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