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Renault Kwid diesel SUV not in the making, petrol AMT confirmed

renault kwid diesel plans

Renault Kwid made global premiere here in India earlier this week.

Renault Kwid diesel has been ruled out for a three reasons. First, because demand for diesel engined vehicles is on the decline in India. Second, future regulations don’t look to be in favour of small diesel engines. Third, the inclusion of a diesel engine will incur more investments, which the company wants to avoid at this juncture.

renault kwid diesel plans

For now, 2015 Renault Kwid will only be offered with one engine option, and that is its new 800cc 3 cyl petrol engine, codenamed BR-8. Renault is yet to reveal power figures of this engine. Apart from this, Renault is also open to the idea of giving the Kwid a more powerful 1.0l engine (codenamed BR-10). This could happen at a later stage.

Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) for the new Renault Kwid compact SUV is also in the offing. Though the company has not confirmed a timeline for launch of Kwid AMT, it will be launched for sure. So, when the Kwid goes on sale by September 2015, you will have a manual transmission with 800 cc engine as the only option.

2015 Renault Kwid

To be produced at Renault Nissan Oragadam plant in Chennai, 2015 Renault Kwid is the most localized car till date in India. Built on new CMF-A platform, it has a localization level of staggering 98%. This will help Renault price the car a little over Rs 3 lakhs! This, in today’s date and time, is equally impressive (if not more) as to Tata announcing Nano’s starting price as Rs 1 lakh.

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