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Opinion: Renault Kwid owner shares his thoughts – 2 days after Kwid failed crash test

2018 Renault Kwid has been in the news this week for failing the safety crash test. It has scored a 0 star safety rating. Now, one owner of the Kwid, Mr Hareesh R Iyer, who has been with the car for more than 2.5 years, has penned down a letter on social media. He says –

“I have been longing to write this since when I bought Renault Kwid, my 1st car. After 2.5 yrs & 25000+ kms to its credit, my ‘Ice Cool White Kwid’ is not yet bent or broken or dead or rusted or whatever one may call.

This is a soft going Lower Middle / Middle Class Indian’s Benz / RR / BMW or whatever you name it for luxury. This is what the majority of LMiddle / Middle class Indians would look for from any car manufacturer in almost all models. I said soft going or gentle driving. Those who rode only powerful cars, muscle cars, sports cars, super luxury cars pl excuse.. for the average dream of a low earning Indian for owning a car, as I said, it is Benz / RR / Ferrari / Bentley whatever..

It is real satisfaction for all of us who handle it gentle (drive & braking both included) and do care about the pocket for tomorrow. I have once driven my Kwid continuously (except short halts for refreshment) for 54 hours. The engine never heated up too much, the tyres never failed me (rain, mud & rugged tarmac included), didn’t shun me on the road, never bored my drive, neither did it discomfort me.

Not just that ride, I have a lot more of that sort but shorter trips. I have used my Kwid for moving all my family’s stuff to our new house including hard stuff (see.. I saved thousands of rupees for loading/unloading, packing & moving). Still I keep driving my Kwid for long distances monthly to satisfy my needs of travelling despite all modes of public/private transport available just a few minutes away from me.

Renault Kwid boot space being utilized to the fullest.

I don’t expect my Kwid to race with a McLaren or Porsche. I don’t even expect/want my Kwid to race me over an Audi/BMW/Benz/Jaguar which is there in my city in plenty (actually most of the luxury cum sports car drivers that I see in my city drive gently and not exotic). I don’t expect RR/Benz standard of comfort/safety from my Kwid, but I am totally satisfied with what my Kwid gives me on all my rides.

It is far ahead in looks, comfort, performance and efficiency compared to many other cars/models (including the most selling ones in the market) in the same segment. But I happily say that we (including my family) are completely satisfied with my Kwid for the comfort, price, mileage, control and its features.

Those who differ in opinion or had bad experience with their Kwids, try changing your experience with the Kwid to feel better and still if not getting satisfied, then change the Kwid (nobody holds anyone from buying a different car).

This write-up is out of my experience with Renault Kwid. Opinions in its sense only may be replied. I don’t invite a social media verbal war over a writeing which would otherwise won’t make any use / sense to anyone that has nothing to do with the Renault Kwid.”

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