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High resale value, low maintenance cost – New Renault Kwid

Image – Renault.co.in

The Renault Kwid successfully demonstrated to the world that the term ‘low-cost’ need not necessarily mean ‘cheap’ but it can rather be synonymous with ‘value-for-money’. No wonder, it has been a runaway success in India.

The creators of the Kwid not only ensured that it offered much more than what a customer expects in a budget family hatchback but also executed the engineering and development with a holistic approach to keep the overall costs in check. The car is reasonably priced to buy and maintain not because it skimped on substance and quality but because it has been so frugally (read prudently) engineered right from the word go.

Image – Renault.co.in

Reducing the number of parts at the basic level by combining the functionalities, being wise with the material selection and working closely with component makers even during the development stage are only few of the several things that made the Kwid an unbeatable value proposition.

As far as vehicles go, arriving at an attractive price point only leaves the glass half full. Completion comes only from ensuring that it is affordable and peaceful to maintain throughout its lifetime. That’s where the real brilliance of the Kwid lies. With 98% of localization, no other car in the market is nearly as Indian as the Renault Kwid. This not only leads to a low acquisition cost but it directly translates into lowest-in-class prices for spare parts.

The common belief that brands like Maruti and Hyundai deliver best resale value and offer lowest maintenance costs have now become a myth. Not convinced yet? Well, the Kwid recently won the award for Best Resale Value given by the Indian Blue Book. And some Kwid customers are so delighted with the low service costs, they’ve shared receipts of their service bills on the brand’s Facebook page. Now that’s what you call a fan club.

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