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Renault and Mobil 1 surprise customers with F1 experience

Mobil 1 Carwash Jenson Button

Automobiles and anything related to it is now customer centric every step of the way with manufacturers going that extra mile to engage with people. It comes as no surprise that Renault and Mobil 1 have presented very similar videos on that front.

Mobil 1 Carwash Jenson ButtonIn both adverts, picture yourself at a fuel station and a team of F1 mechanics steps in to fix your car in quick time. Renault went with the tag line, ‘There is some Formula 1 in every Renault’, in which we see mechanics do the F1 pit stop drill complete with the stop and go lollipop man while transforming your refueling experience into a one that comes closest to a Formula 1 pit stop.

Mobil 1 presented a similar real life stunt to bring unsuspecting carwash customers closer to motorsports. keeping in mind the use of Mobil 1 in passenger cars and Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil inside many race engines, it’s about a personal motorsports bond. In a big surprise, as drivers exited to wait aside while their vehicle interiors were cleaned, Jenson Button drives in next in line and waits by the side of drivers who were part of this customer experience, talking with them, shaking hands, and even taking a selfie. Mobil 1’s message is ‘Get personal with Motorsport’.


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