Nissan planning cheaper than Mahindra e2o electric car for India

Renault-Nissan R&D center in India has initiated the development of low-cost electric car.

At the Renault-Nissan R&D facility in India, low-cost electric cars are under development, reveals their Global CEO Carlos Ghosn. These electric cars will be produced in India and exported to other countries as well.

The car will be sold under the brand name of Nissan in India. It will have a price tag of around Rs 7 lakh, which is lesser than the price of Mahindra e2o, the cheapest electric car on sale in the country today.

Renault-Nissan R&D facility in the Chennai has already started working on this project. They are developing these new gen electric cars and the Renault-Nissan alliance has already set aside €4 billion (around $5.2 billion) globally for electric vehicles and battery developments.

Where demand in India is concerned, it is still at a nascent stage. But with government regulations pointing towards an electric future, more and more car makers have announced their plans to launch electric cars in India. Renault-Nissan is of the opinion that electric cars will be the future of the auto industry and is hence spearheading such research and development efforts in the country.

Nissan Leaf is their best selling electric car. It will be launched in India this year as a niche product. Expect price tag of about Rs 30 lakh.

While the company initially believed that United States would take the lead in development of electric vehicles, it is countries like Asia where the demand is on the rise. Local governments are also playing a huge role by focusing an all electric future.

Source Times of India