Renault partners with 2014 Cesar film awards ceremony

Renault has partnered with César Awards for the 7th year in a row. This year’s ceremony will be chaired by François Cluzet and hosted by Cécile De France. Espace has for long been a recognised high-end MPV, and adopted Renault’s new design identity in mid-2012. The dynamic vehicle offers a spacious interior and optimised accessibility making it an ideal mode of transport for film stars in evening gowns and dinner suits.


Renault and cinema: a century of romance

Renault and cinema is a romance that has lasted for more than 100 years. A century of film stars and stellar vehicles, and of delightful stories between the big names of the silver screen and the marque with the diamond logo.

On February 13, 1895, brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière patented the first device “for the recording and viewing of chronophotographic images”. The cinema was born! A mere four years later, Louis Renault appeared in a film behind the wheel of a Type A Voiturette. He was one of the first industrialists to realize the potential of the new medium of film for promoting his products.

In the twentieth century, both the film industry and the car industry developed and changed, but Renault remained a faithful partner of cinema, a visible presence at prestigious international film festivals and shoots.

Throughout its history, Renault has forged ties with television and film production companies. From TV series to feature films, Renault and Dacia vehicles appear on sets around the world. A fleet of approximately 40 vehicles, representing the full range (fuel and electric vehicles), is available to meet the needs of production companies.